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Once a Comedy Special now a coffee table book.  Your limited release copy of The Dark White Coffee Table Book features 34 pages of colorful photos  along side the fully transcribed live Stand Up Comedy Special "Dark White" written and performed by Lachlan Patterson.  Shot in Tableau Vivant style, these stunning  pictures will guide you through a world where Lachlan's comedy comes to life.  Included with each copy is a free audio download so you can look, listen & read along through this one-of-a-kind comedy experience. 

Dark White Coffee Table Book

SKU: 9991
  • Coffee table book is 9"x 12".  34 Pages of color photography by Matt Misisco along with the fully transcribed audio from Lachlan Patterson's Dark White album.  Also included on the first page is an audio download link so viewers can listen along as they read and look.

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