In case you missed last Thursday's head-to-head here's a quick look at some of my set.  You can still watch the whole episode on but hurry because they tend to get removed after a week or so.  





Some behind the scene footage of the LCS Final 8 having lunch and discussing the life of a comedian.  This is prior to the voting coming up next Thursday so everyone is in good spirits.  We'll see what happens this week.







If you missed the 2hr special Last Comic Standing Room Only on NBC last night here's  a recap of the top 10 jokes so far.






Don't forget to watch Last Comic Standing Thursdays at 10pm.  This season promises to be the biggest ever and with Keenan, Rosanne and Russell it's sure to be a hit.  If you or anyone you know would like to  come see a taping live click here. Thanks for all of your support.  Have a dope summer and check back for more.